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camp journey logoWhat is Camp Journey?

Camp Journey is an overnight camp focused on social skills, building friendships, teamwork, manners, and self-esteem. Camp activities include directed social skills instruction in a typical overnight camp setting. Campers enjoy hot meals prepared each day, heated and air-conditioned cabins, and a variety of typical overnight camp activities. Activities may include swimming, hiking, fishing, archery, climbing, canoeing, sports, and more depending on the weather.


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What does Camp Journey Cost?

Camp Journey weekends cost $220 each the dates for 2018 are : March 22-25, 2018 and November 2rd-4th 2017. The weekend rate is $200.00 per session. Camp Journey week-long costs $675 for the week. The week long summer camp this year will be June 24th - 29th,  2018. ll.

ArcheryWhat is a typical day at Camp Journey like?

Breakfast is served at 8 AM each day of camp. Camper's enjoy a hot breakfast served family style supporting our social interaction focus. After breakfast we have a camp meeting/social skills lesson and the morning activities begin. Campers participate in two engaging camp activities until lunch time. Lunch is again served family style to promote social interaction and build friendships. We have a break/quiet period following lunch where campers are given an opportunity to rest, watch a movie, play board games, etc. before the afternoon activities. The two afternoon activities and our evening social skills lesson conclude just before dinner is served. Following the evening meal campers prepare for the evening activity. Our evening activities are often the most talked about activities of the day. These large group activities allow campers the opportunity to get to know campers outside of their own cabins and activity groups. Once the evening activity is over campers are often eager to get to bed after this action packed day. Click here to view a sample daily schedule.

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What is a Camp Journey Social Skills Lesson Plan like?

Every activity of every day from getting ready in the morning to being quiet in the cabin at night has social skills learning built in naturally. Our intentionally social skills focused activities and our trained staff help teach, reinforce, and maintain correct social behaviors including living together, cooperation, teamwork, being considerate, personal hygiene, table manners, and much more. Two focused social skills lessons daily help the group acquire new skills and identify a target skill to practice for the day. Each lesson is designed to target a social behavior required for successful peer relationships, good personal character, and building self-esteem. 

Why choose Camp Journey for your child?

Camp Journey is often the most talked about camp for our participants. Many campers are anxious a first or uneasy about doing something so different from their normal routine, but those same campers are already asking when they can come back before camp is over. Camp Journey gives your camper an opportunity to challenge himself/herself in new ways both physically and socially. Camp Journey brings the best of both worlds together combining the typical sleep away camp activities many children love with the social skills focus to our activities with our experienced, patient staff your camper needs to succeed.

Who can attend Camp Journey?

Camp Journey is available to campers age 9 to young adult with Moderate*, Mild, and HFA/Asperger's Syndrome.

*A small number of spaces are available for campers that need more adult support in daily living skills, social interaction, and communication. Camp Journey reserves the right to review all applications and make a final decision on camper participation.

When is Camp Journey?

Camp Journey Weekend events are held three times during the school year. These weekends are typically held in February/March, May, and October. See the calendar or the Camp Journey page for specific dates.

Camp Journey Week-long is held in the summer from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. This week is typically held in June or July. Please see the calendar or the Camp Journey page for specific dates.

Where is Camp Journey located?

Camp Journey is held Fort Yargo State Park at the Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way Group Camp Facility. 210 S Broad St. Winder, GA 30680

What are the meals like at Camp Journey?

Each meal is prepared in a professional kitchen and served hot to campers. Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated as needed. Meals are planned to provide a full nutritional intake while attempting to meet the desires and often very specific eating habits of our campers. We have found on many occasions that the group encouragement from others created by the meal's social atmosphere has resulted in campers trying and liking new foods for the first time. *In some cases at weekend camps parents may be required to provide food for campers with specific dietary needs*

What does my child need to bring to Camp Journey?

Prior to camp you will receive specific instructions for camp including a packing list.

Are electronic devices allowed at Camp Journey?

We strongly recommend that no valuable items be brought to camp. However, some electronic devices are allowed during the summer week-long camp only. Your camper handbook sent out prior to the start of camp will have detailed information about electronic devices at camp.

How much are campers supervised at Camp Journey?

Camp Journey campers are supervised 24 hours per day by trained staff. The open areas, group activities, and family atmosphere help ensure that all campers are included and safe at camp at all times.

How can I share Spectrum Day Camp with my friends and my child's school?

Camp Journey is available to participants from all areas. Please fee free to forward our emails, contact information, or print and send our flyers to your friends, family, school, and community. Click here for a printable camp flyer

Still have questions?

Please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request any clarifications or additional information regarding Camp Journey.
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