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Monday of Animal Week


Initiating conversations/Asking Questions


1. Books and magazines about various topics of interest including

question asking and being a good friend

2. White Board & Markers

3. Sticky notes, markers, and paper


Read books about asking questions.

Discuss the books – Talk about how good friends ask questions and want to know information about their friends. Discuss commenting and asking what their friends like to talk about.


1. Work together to make a list of conversation topics.

2. Discuss ways to start a conversation (asking questions and commenting). Refer to list of ways to start a conversation “How are you?” or “That’s a nice shirt.”

3. Talk about how though it is nice to talk about ourselves and what we like, we can talk about what our friends like. Our friends like it when we talk about what they like, too. (This initiates and maintains conversation-perspective taking).


1. Conversation cards/sticks and picture cards: use sticks/cards to work in pairs or groups to initiate and facilitate conversation

·   Level 1: On their turn, each student draws out one yellow stick and one different colored stick.  They then have to ask a question or make a comment about the topic on the stick.

·   Level 2: Pull out all the comment sticks.  Have the first student draw a yellow stick and a different colored (question) stick and ask another student a question.  Have the 2nd student a blue, green, orange or red stick and ask a follow-up question about the topic.

·   Level 3 through ?: Keep adding numbers of conversational turns and comment sticks to increase the difficulty and the complexity of the conversation!

2. Craft:  Make a spider with legs that have conversation starters or a tree with fall colored leaves with conversation starters. (Adapt for various levels.)

3. Asking questions freeze/relay race: Go to safe area and play a relay race where players can advance (2 steps, 3 hops, 4 skips, etc) with every question they can ask a friend.


Review EQ: Can I ask questions and initiate conversations with my friends?

Each student writes on a sticky note and shares one question or comment to make to start a conversation.

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