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Week 4: June 26-June 30


Roswell North Elementary
10525 Woodstock Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075
United States

Time: 9:30-3:00
  Days: Monday - Friday

Theme: Animals

Ages: 5-18

Cost: $300

Thanks to the grant-writing and fund raising efforts of City of Roswell some scholarships are available.

Summer Safari

Theme: Summer Safari is this week's theme for all camp activities including crafts, snack, and social skills lessons.

Summer Safari week, engages campers through interesting and motivating activities.  Campers will practice many social skills planned around their needs and skills to promote friendship building, cooperation, teamwork, and interaction skills. Social Skills taught through Safari exploration and discovery of the exciting world of animals. Campers will enjoy fun activities centered on social interaction, cooperative play, conversation skills, turn taking, and many more skills appropriate for their age and ability level. Engaging crafts, music lessons, play opportunities, and outdoor activities will provide a variety of environments and chances to practice social interaction daily.

Social Skills Focus: Mistakes, Good Listening, Kind Words


Staff members are educational professionals who understand and have been trained in the characteristics of and research based strategies used for children with special needs. Our camp staff is skilled in creating a structured and supportive environment that fosters the positive social and life skills of each camper who attends day camp.

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*There is a non-refundable ACTIVE© registration fee of $5.20. There are no refunds of deposits or full payments after May 5th.

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