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Week 7: July 23th - 27th

Time: 9:30-3:00 Days: Monday - Friday
Weekly Theme: Mad Scientist Jr

Location Choices: Waller Park, 250 Oak Street, Roswell, GA 30075

Cost: $325

Middle/High/Young Adult with HFA/Aspergers Specialty Group: Mad Scientist Pro

Location: Lawrenceville Church of God

Camp Groups: for all ability levels ages 5-18+ 
**Cost: $325.

Mad Scientist Jr

Join us for a week filled with exciting experiments, imaginative creations, and testing the laws of science through fun and interactive activities! Campers will be introduced to the "wacky" projects for the week on the first day of camp. Individual and group projects may include seeing the universe in a new way, experimenting with various materials to see how they interact with each other, and using recycled materials to create a group project. Campers will enjoy working alongside other friends in small group activities to complete projects and science related experiments, while practicing the important skills of understanding changes in routine and how to adapt to change

 Social Skills Focus: Understanding changes in routine and how to adapt to changing Care of belongings ( sharing)


Staff members are educational professionals who understand and have been trained in the characteristics of and research based strategies used for children with special needs. Our camp staff is skilled in creating a structured and supportive environment that fosters the positive social and life skills of each camper who attends day camp.



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*There is a non-refundable ACTIVE© registration fee of $5.20. There are no refunds of deposits or full payments after May 5th.

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