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spectrum Camps and clubs logoWhat is Spectrum Camps and Clubs?

Spectrum Camps and Clubs provides a variety of camps to meet the different needs of children ages 4 to young adults  with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Utilizing the knowledge, training, and energy of certified teachers and highly trained paraprofessionals allows Spectrum Camps and Clubs to provide the highest quality camps available to the families of children with Autism. Spectrum Camps and Clubs provides camp throughout the summer for individuals along all levels of the autism spectrum, from those needing significant adult support to HFA/Asperger's Syndrome, and everything in between. The smiles, the excitement in their eyes, and the sight of true friendships emerging and growing is all we need to know we're making a difference in their lives. Our campers say it best, "Camp Spectrum Rocks!"

Our Staff

Spectrum’s Summer Camp Programs are staffed by certified special education teachers and paraprofessionals. These individuals have been trained specifically in the field of autism and have experience with children functioning at various levels of the spectrum. Parents can be confident that their child’s social, language, and behavioral needs are being appropriately addressed in a fun and safe environment during the summer months.

Our History

Spectrum Autism Support Group was established in the fall of 1998 for families, friends, and teachers of children with autism in the Gwinnett County area. Spectrum currently serves over 600 families in Gwinnett County and at least seven surrounding counties. Spectrum is pleased to be able to sponsor school year and summer programs for children of all ages with ASD. All of the programs offered have been developed to provide each child with opportunities to build friendships and generate social awareness within the community while improving self-esteem, self-awareness and independence.

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