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School Year Activities

School Year Activities

We offer exciting opportunities throughout the year for children to enjoy fun activities that encourage social interaction and learning. These activities strive to teach children important life skills, including communication and social skills like the art of making and keeping friends. These skills will help them in childhood, adulthood, the workplace and beyond.

Drama ClubSaturday Day Camps




Children through young adults with HFA/Aspergers Syndrome have the opportunity to explore the art of improv, drama and music with their peers. Drama Club is directed by a drama professional and music therapist who have extensive experience working with children and adults on the spectrum.

Spectrum Drama Club will provide participants with the opportunity to improve their communication skills within a small group or in front of a larger audience. Research has shown that children who participate in Drama/Acting activities improve their ability to react and respond to imaginary situations and feelings and eventually generalize these skills into their daily living. Acting can improve a child’s self-confidence, communication and relatedness with their peers.  There will be two sessions.  Cost will be $35 per evening that Drama meets. The total cost will be due at time of registration – $910 for the entire year (payment plans are available.) Cost is for the entire session and may not be paid per session.

Drama will be held at Lawrenceville Arts Center, The Home of Aurora Theater. 


Gwinnett School Break Camp

Twice monthly, September – March, Social Skills Today will host a Saturday Day Camp. Campers will enjoy fun activities centered around social interaction, cooperative play, conversation skills, turn-taking, and many more skills appropriate for their age and ability level. Engaging crafts, music lessons, play opportunities, and outdoor activities will provide a variety of environments and chances to practice social interaction.

Cost will be $160 for the session which will include the two Saturdays. Must register for the whole 2 Saturday session. The Saturday groups will be September-March. Campers will register for the whole session and if they are absent the total $160 will still be collected. Staff is hired based on the total number of campers that register for the session not for each Saturday. Cost is for the entire session and may not be paid per session. Third Party funding will be accepted.

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